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Untraditional Weddings

I was reading this post on Offbeat Bride and it reminded me of when Margot and I were planning our own wedding and it also reminded me of a wedding I was a second photographer for in June.

Back when Margot and I were planning our wedding we talked a lot about different possibilities, whether it was having the reception under a tent or in a barn, we thought about how fun it could be to do something a little untraditional. Getting married can be stressful enough, and the more we looked at the options, the thought of planning everything ourselves and the mounting costs of the location, catering, rentals, etc, seemed too daunting a project for us.  We chickened out.  In the end we kind of took the easier route and had our ceremony and reception at The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield. While I don’t think either of us have any regrets (The Candlewood Inn is beautiful and they did a great job), I think we both still think it would have been really cool to go the less traditional route and come up with something really unique.

This past June I had the pleasure to second shoot a wedding for Matt @ BSC Photo.  When Matt was telling me about the wedding, he told me that is was at a park in New Haven, and that the reception was planned for Saturday night with a ceremony following Sunday morning.  This seemed a little odd, and certainly untraditional!  Turns out, it was a really nice, unique wedding.  Saturday night consisted of dinner, drinks, speeches and dancing; Sunday morning consisted of a low key ceremony in the park followed by brunch.  I don’t know how this couple came up with a schedule like this, but it really worked out for them because most people were out of the park by the time the reception started on Saturday night, and there were very few people there on Sunday morning.  It was like they had the whole place to themselves, and since it was summer, they had the coolest parts of the day (and some of the best light).

While an untraditional wedding may not be right for every couple, it can certainly be an option for the couple willing to put in the extra work to make their day a little different.  It can also be a way for the budget-minded couple to put together something unique while cutting some corners from things found in more traditional weddings (like elaborate cakes, 3 course meals, etc). So whether you’re planning a wedding on a beach, a wedding in a barn, or even a more traditional wedding, don’t be afraid to make it your own.

Below are a just a few details from the June wedding I mentioned (photos were taken by me, copyright BSC Photo).  I plan to post more on my blog from this wedding soon, so stay tuned!


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